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The gorgeous and fascinating Salento peninsula is located at the extreme part of Puglia region, right overlooking the Ionian and Adriatic Seas. Central to salentinian culture are the centuries-old history and tradition, rich of flavors, colors, and human relationships. Visitors arriving here for the first time in this beautiful land of Salento will surely fall in love with its wonderful natural landscape.
Salento hotels and Resorts can offer the guest any kind of accommodation, since that place is an endless source of fun, culture and nature as well. This is the best option for adventure, recreation, culture or just simply relaxing.


The charming city of Lecce is deeply rich in history and culture, everything reflecting the late Baroque architecture design of the 17th century in all its forms.

Right because of the rich and beautiful Baroque architectural monuments found in the city, Lecce is also commonly hailed “The Florence of the South”. So, strolling through the old streets of the city, you can admire many monuments of breathtaking beauty, artistic and historical value. Lecce is also famous for its production of ceramic and sculpture made of cartapesta (that is the papier-mache or paper pulp). Near the ancient Cathedral there are many shops where it is possible to buy a lot of souvenirs from Salento.


Otranto, in the Salento area, is the easternmost point of Italy. This is a city rich in history and culture, just a milestone for those who visit Salento.

Otranto is situated in a scenic landscape of undeniable natural, historical and cultural value.

The city has been repeatedly recognized for environmental achievement through its Green Flag Awards and its old town has been defined as the most beautiful ancient town in Italy.

Otranto can be appreciated for its beautiful beaches, among them, one of the most popular and charming is the Bay of Turks, right alongside the coastline of the Alimini Lakes. Anyway, the city is also important for its population’s customs, traditions and the complex past with significant religious events and beautiful legends.


This is one of the iconic region’s most popular tourist destinations. Certainly, it offers lots of cultural centers, attractions, nightlife and much more.

Gallipoli is washed by the Ionian Sea and is located on the west coast of the Salento peninsula. The city is characterized by a distinct division of two areas: the old town and the new town.

The charming old side city of Gallipoli is rich in ancient buildings and frescoes. It is located on an island connected to the mainland by a stone bridge.

City walls were erected during the 15th and 18th century, right to face the enemy attacks. Later they were resized in height, until creating the current road all around the whole island, allowing anyone there to enjoy the breathtaking scenery overlooking the beautiful sea.

Walking along the streets of the old city, you can admire the island of St. Andrew, which can be reached by boat. This is a trip not to be missed during a vacation in Salento.

Gallipoli is a charming tourist town with its golden beaches interrupted by cliffs as well. It offers beautiful natural landscapes and the little bay named Pizzo.

Gallipoli represents the centerpiece of the entire life and events in Salento as it offers a wide range of places right for fun, beaches, nightlife and disco. For those who want to taste traditional and fresh catch fish recipes, there are a lot of restaurants all around the city only based on great attention to details, professionalism and high quality.

Santa Maria di Leuca

This city has been defined De Finibus Terrae, which means “At the boarder of the land” as it is located at the extreme coast of Puglia. This is the perfect destination for those who want to combine tourism attractions to the Marian pilgrimage.

Next to the lighthouse of Santa Maria di Leuca, there is the large Sanctuary, De Finibus Terrae and it is devoted to Saint Mary from whom the town gets its name.

At the extreme edge of the coast, from the promontory overlooking the sanctuary, it is possible to admire an extraordinary scenery characterized by a line defining the boundary between the Adriatic and the Ionian seas. Santa Maria di Leuca is also a city rich in history and a place where each epoch has left tangible traces of its past. all around the the city you can admire the rock dwellings, tombs, caves, crypts, churches, castles, art nouveau villas, but all the same a wide natural landscape made of ancient olive trees surrounded by a clear blue sky and crystalline sea.

Santa Cesarea Terme

That is a very characteristic town in Salento, thanks to its typical ancient buildings and natural wellness centers, which allow the tourists to enjoy a holiday full of relaxation.

Santa Cesarea Terme is one of the most beautiful and evocative locations in Salento, where nature has painted a very fascinating and characteristic landscape.

This is a strip of land, deeply elegant and solemn in its beauty, located at the extreme east  part of Salento coastline. A fascinating journey through history and legend, passing by the vestiges of a past still living in cave paintings and megalithic art, in the lonely towers and Moorish architecture, immortal signs of great ancient eras.


Castro, placed on the beautiful coast of Salento, is the ideal location where to spend some wonderful moments of relax.

The city is also known as  “The Pearl of Salento” and is located right at the center of a stunning coastline arc that goes from Otranto to Leuca.

This small town reminds of a typical medieval village, surrounded by great ancient walls.

In Castro Marina, just a couple miles north of Castro, it is possible to visit the Zinzulusa Grotto, that is a karst cave, only reached through a particular path. Nearby, there are also other smaller caves as the Blue Grotto and the Palombara Cave, accessible by boat along the coast.